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3 German Shepherd Breeder Qualities You Should Look For The German shepherd is an amazing breed, often described with words like courageous, watchful, alert, curious, and obedient. These days, the German shepherd has become a common choice for a lot of people who want to own pets because of their ability to match their master’s level of activity easily and effortlessly. What’s more, the German shepherd also makes a great attack and guard dog, ensuring that their masters are kept safe and secure wherever they may be. Of course, it’s always encouraged that people check adoption centers before they buy a dog, but if you really want a new puppy for yourself, there are some reputable German shepherd breeders out there. Not sure how to spot a good breeder? Find out with this short list. 1. Cares for Their Litter – Dogs that come from puppy mills and other illegal breeding operations are only bred and sold to make a profit. They don’t care to find out if a buyer is fit to care for a puppy as long as they’re paying good money. If a breeder makes an effort to learn more about you before they sell you a puppy, you can conclude that they’re a legitimate German shepherd breeder. That said, a good German shepherd breeder will first ask a buyer for documents that prove their identity, their source of income, as well as proof of their ability to properly care for a dog by conducting an interview. 2. Allows Entrance to Their Kennel – It’s possible to tour the inside of a kennel if a German shepherd breeder is legitimate. This will allow you to inspect where the puppies are kept, as well as the conditions that they’re made to live in. If a breeder doesn’t want you to enter the kennel, and if they conduct all transactions outside, you should know better than to pursue the purchase.
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3. Seasonal Breeding – Be sure to hold on to the contact information of a German shepherd breeder if they tell you that they don’t have any puppies to sell at the moment. This is because a good German shepherd breeder won’t just allow their dam to give birth whenever they want. It’s only when the mother is healthy that the puppies will be too. To make sure the female German shepherds are healthy, good breeders refrain from allowing them to become pregnant too often, so you shouldn’t expect to get your hands on a puppy whenever you approach them. Illegal puppy mills will always have puppies to spare because they want to make a profit off of every person that approaches their facility.How I Became An Expert on Services