Adoptions (2)

Adopting a shelter pet is a low cost, personally satisfying option to acquiring a pet from a pet shop. If the animal is already spayed or neutered, comprehensive your adoption and bring your new pet home. Dog adopters, we strongly encourage all members of your household to come to meet the new pet. Following your pet has met the mandatory hold needs and is processed by means of our clinic, he or she will be prepared to go property! We want absolutely everyone who will be involved with the care of the pet to meet it and be in agreement. After you comprehensive a puppy coaching class (fundamental obedience) within the first six months of adoption you will be refunded the $50 deposit.

The adoption method contains filling out an application, possessing a counseling session, and interacting with the animal you are interested in adopting. Our generous Kaycee Fund donor has committed to covering the adoption fee for one special dog every single month. If the owner is reunited with his dog or cat, you might transfer the $20 deposit to another pet.

After your application is authorized, we will ask for payment of the adoption charge. If you do not have a person prepared to take your pet, your adoption contract requires you to return the animal to us so that we can attempt to find it a new house. You can also visit our Adoption Search web page to uncover animals prepared for adoption with their image.

The St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center is an Open Admissions Shelter, which indicates that we accept authorized stray animals regardless of their adoptability. Usually the owner discovers that caring for the pet is considerably much more function than anticipated, or needs far more space or exercising than they are ready to give. To discover more about the process, study our Pet Matching post in the Pet Care section.

If you see a pet you are interested in, be certain to note his or her name on your application. A generous donor has enabled us to establish the Pippi Fund to cover the adoption fee for 1 particular cat every month. Your generous assistance above and beyond the adoption fee makes it achievable for us to save lives like the 1 of the pet you adopt. Your adoption contract (PDF) and pet adoption guide contain wonderful data to help you and your pet get off on the proper track. When that legal hold time has been satisfied, we make all healthful, behaviorally sound animals available for adoption.