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This paper examines state and regional statutes and regulations relating to private possession of captive wildlife, or exotic pets. Summary of State Laws Relating to Private Possession of Exotic Animals , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised Oct. Game stations for little ones to showcase animal anatomy, veterinary medicine, exotic animal husbandry, wild animal conservation, and animal coaching. Exotic pet owners have argued that regulations unfairly discriminate against them compared to other pet owners, and have challenged these regulations as violations of the 14 th amendment.

Non-domesticated felines, such as lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars, are typically held as pets. In addressing the Rhoades’ second claim, that hazardous dog owners received preferential remedy over exotic pet owners, the court held that the city could rationally think about exotic pets to be a lot more of a concern than hazardous dogs. Due to the lack of wildlife infrastructure, in particular biological knowledge, nearby laws are significantly less likely than state laws to be specific enumerations, and may possibly merely refer to wild,” harmful,” or exotic” pets.

Considering that courts recognize public wellness and safety as legitimate government interests, and since exotic pet regulations are rationally connected to securing the public health and safety, owners have lost all such equal protection challenges. As described, Michigan explicitly bans wolf-dog hybrids, huge cats, and bears, even though it does not prohibit other exotic pets.

Id In the end, the court held that the exotic pet ban was a reputable regulation pursuant to the neighborhood police power to regulate for the general welfare, and not a taking requiring just compensation. These exotic animals are cute and cuddly when they are young but have the potential to kill or seriously injure people and other animals as they grow.

Other foxes (reg, arctic, grey) are primarily outdoor pets unless he can uncover a Russian domesticated silver fox. Salmonellosis associated with exotic pets has been described as one particular of the most critical public overall health illnesses affecting much more individuals and animals than any other single disease. Licenses are only offered out for restricted motives, none of which consist of the keeping of animals as pets.