Detailed Discussion Of Exotic Pet Laws (2)

The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine is an exclusive bird and exotic animal veterinary hospital with the knowledge to confidently and competently care for all species of non-standard pets positioned near Seattle, WA. The laws changed and he was unable to continue to sell his Kinkajous, but he says that they produced the most magnificent pets and were great for ‘average pet owners’ who would place in the time to invest with these animals. This case demonstrates the hesitancy of courts to turn into second-order administrators of exotic pet regulations. Even so, courts have almost universally upheld the validity of exotic pet regulations as a reputable exercise of state police energy that does not infringe on the constitutional protections of equal protection, due method, or takings. A reminder: This write-up is not a care sheet nor do I endorse any of these animals as pets.

This should be distinguished from a serious injury (all are equated when an exotic pet is the perpetrator), but even incidences of this occurring toward folks who aren’t directly involved with the animal are uncommon or have in no way occurred. Since the majority of states do not hold precise records of exotic animals entering their state, it is impossible to decide precisely how numerous exotic animals are privately held as pets. Even though states like Texas use permit systems to regulate exotic pets, other states employ them to supplement their bans. Sherry Wilson Youngquist, Surry County OKs Ban On Exotic Pets , Winston-Salem Journal , Mar.

Quite a few stories of poorly nourished, poorly housed, and abused animals have taught that private possession of exotic pets is not in the interest of the animals themselves. In the context of exotic pet regulations, owners have contended that the seizure of their pets constituted a deprivation of house without sufficient notice or opportunity to be heard, hence violating the due procedure clause. I agree the banning of some exotic animals that are a couple of hundred pounds that can over power a human but exotics listed are way far more harmless then a dog who will attack and harm a human.

Apart from becoming challenged for discriminating between classifications of exotic pet owners and domestic pet owners, regulations have also been challenged for discriminating between private pet ownership and other possessions of wild animals for analysis and educational purposes. Born Free opposes the maintaining of wild or exotic animals as pets, challenges the exotic pet market and trade, and campaigns for national and international legislation to lessen and exactly where achievable finish this practice. Locate out how your state, city and county regulates private possession of exotic animals.

Non-domesticated felines, such as lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars, are generally held as pets. In addressing the Rhoades’ second claim, that unsafe dog owners received preferential treatment more than exotic pet owners, the court held that the city could rationally consider exotic pets to be far more of a concern than dangerous dogs. Due to the lack of wildlife infrastructure, in specific biological knowledge, neighborhood laws are much less most likely than state laws to be particular enumerations, and could merely refer to wild,” harmful,” or exotic” pets.