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Outstanding Qualities of The African Cichlids The African Cichlid is a one of a kind for the person who loves fish. Although, at first glance it is possible to confuse them with a saltwater fish, these amazing creatures are actually fresh water fish found in East Africa. The fish are common in Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria, and Lake Tanganyika. Cichlids are the perfect way of getting some more exposure for those who have already tried keeping saltwater fish as a hobby or as pets. Some of their characteristics are discussed below. They are quite Resistant These fish are very much hardy in comparison to most of the salt and freshwater fish that are kept as pets. The fish need an alkaline environment to survive, which is easy to manage. This is because one can easily turn neutral water into alkaline water for the fish. If you already have soft water near you, there are a few methods you could employ to turn this water into hard water. Most individuals use corals and rocks to keep the water alkaline providing a good environment for the fish. Breading the fish is quite simple thanks to the tolerance they have to certain pH levels.
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There are hundreds of Cichlids species that have been identified in Africa’s largest lakes. The identification, collection and research of new Cichlid species are constantly done by different aquarists. The Cichlids that have already been classified represent a third of the available population. Some Cichlids measure up to 9 inches and such a size makes them very popular. Unlike other fish, the average size of a Cichlid can be 4 to 6 inches. Portray Aggression The Cichlids aggressive characteristic is more advantageous than it is a disadvantage. One of these advantages is that they can be kept in a crowded environment together with other fish. Such an environment makes it hard for the aggressive Cichlid to keep track of its prey. A big number of fish per square meter can be kept if they are being bred in a crowded environment. Different types of fish with different colors and sizes can be brought out by such an environment. Distinct Behavior Cichlids are very social and energetic, especially when they notice the presence of an individual. They mostly flock along the aquarium glass looking starved when someone comes near the tank. They enjoy eating large amounts of food and they are also heavy feeders. They feed on everything they are given whether it’s healthy or harmful for them. Some such as quality peacocks and haps use distinct methods in order to get food. They tend to bury themselves in sand and play dead. This mechanism allows them to attract the prey. They Can Live for Nearly 10 Years These Cichlids are unique and you can enjoy their company for as long as ten years.