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Don’t Wait too Long; Allow Technology to Help You Get Your Commercial Loans Approved Faster

Whether you are a broker or a borrower, timing is one of the most important aspects you need to understand first. This helps you and the lender to close a deal within the shortest time possible, without unnecessary delays that may interfere with the business. So, if you want to get commercial real estate financing at the right moment, timing should be the ruling factor.

However, what should you do if you cannot access the required documents on time. Many businesses will just give it time and wait as they find the documents and send to the lender. There might be no other option other than waiting because the documents are nowhere to be seen at the moment. Actually, some hardworking will be required as long as you want the loan to be approved before all the available business operational capital dries up.

Today, information is with us as long as you can access the internet. So, making use of the internet can save your business greatly because you will get the loan on time. However, the information technology is not common to every borrower out there. This article will teach you the reliable ways to utilize the technology instead of spending days searching for verification documents.

A business person looking for a commercial loan should present pictures of collateral or property to the lender. The lender may receive the pictures from the borrower after being taken using a camera right from the property’s site. However, neither the borrower nor the lender should wait for such a time-consuming process You can get the pictures from the internet using an online tool such as Google Earth. Google Earth can give real-time photos of the existing situation about the property. Avoid sending out of date pictures to the lender, and thus check the date mentioned alongside the picture. However, you can assure the lender the real-time pictures will be sent during the loan approval process.

A bank needs to know the details of a property or collateral before initiating the loan approval. You should not waste so much time trying to dig up the details because the lender may also find it hard to trace information about the property. You can get the information about the property’s history plus other details from LoopNet, the online tool. Apart from being a free online tool, it is also useful to lenders because they can know whether the collateral is legitimate or not. It is advisable to send the property details to the lender within the shortest time possible after submitting a loan request. Saving time is very important because the loan will be utilized at the appropriate time. The whole procedure is hassle free because the loan request and the approval process is completed over the internet.
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