Getting Down To Basics with Pets

Why Dog Boarding in Cleveland is Your Pooch’s Best Option When you’re not at home, the best place for your dog is the kennel. A dog boarding facility provides your pet with the attention and care that you would normally give him. You’ve heard the phrase, “a dog is man’s best friend.” There are few things better than owning and loving a dog. Obviously, the role of pet owner requires you to care for your pet and shower him with love. This includes walking your dog regularly and feeding him nutritious meals. When you’re out of town, you can’t provide this level of care yourself. Dogs won’t be able to survive if you leave them alone for days while you’re out of town. This is when you’ll have to decide whether to take your pet with you or board him in a reputable facility. Dogs need attention and care, so they shouldn’t be left home alone for too long. Dogs left unattended will not be happy, and you won’t be happy doing that to your pet. You might not even want to enlist a friend or neighbor to care for your pet, either. Untrained care-takers have been known to let dogs loose by accident or let them eat things that make them sick. The trained staff at dog kennels know how to avoid these issues.
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Today’s kennels and dog-boarding facilities are much nicer than the idea of caged up dogs in kennels. They’ve made themselves the best option for pet care. Most dog boarding facilities take care to hire only dog lovers so that they share their affection with your pups. Dog sitters are another great option, as these skilled animal lovers welcome your dog to stay in their homes for a fee.
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Either way, the staff will adhere to your instructions of how to care for your pet. Gone are the days of caged boarding where you pup would be trying to sleep next to other barking dogs. Dog boarding will afford you and your pet the following benefits: Boarding staff will give your dog all of the attention he needs. Without a cage in sight, your dog can play with other boarded dogs. You can pick up and drop off your dog at almost any time. Your dog will walk and eat on schedule. A responsible, knowledgeable person will always be with your pet. Your dog’s caretaker will have plenty of experience and, often times, a background check. The price won’t break the bank. Clearly, kennels have a lot of competition these days, and the rising popularity of boarding and pet sitting shows that the tide is turning. Ask friends for suggestions or simply search the web for a reputable caretaker nearby.