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Dog Crates- How To Choose The Best One? There are hard plastic dog crates and wire dog crates. These are both good crates but they have different purposes. The cost of these crates similar so you do not need to worry about this factor. Both of these crates can easily be assembled or disassembled. Below are the different types of crates: A. Hard plastic dog crates
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Hard plastic crates are approved in airlines, so if you will travel with your dog then you should purchase this kind of crate. Airlines are strict when it comes to dog crates. The airline is actually concerned about the safety of the dog, since wire dog crates can get crushed during transportation and can injure the dog. This is the reason why wire dog crates are not accepted in airlines. However, there are some hard plastic dog crates that are not accepted in airlines, so you should choose a crate that has an airline approved label. Hard plastic crates are made with ventilation holes and a door that is made with wires. The holes are for ventilation, so that the air can circulate inside the crate, the wire door is for the dog to have more air and so that the dog can see out. Dogs are really secured when they stay in this kind of crate and they cannot get out.
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There are two pieces in this crate the top part and the bottom part. There are knobs and screws in the sides of the crates and this is how you can put together the upper part and the bottom part. It will only take you a few minutes to assemble this kind of crate. Even if you are traveling in your vehicle, you should choose this kind of crate. In case there is a vehicular accident, the dog can be protected in hard plastic dog crates. B. Wire dog crates Wire dog crates is best for those dogs that goes to training classes. The dogs can see more when you use this kind of crate. During training class, dog will need to wait for a few hours, so it is best if you have this kind of dog crate. Wire dog crates are more open than the other kind of dog crate. However, they do not provide that much protection than hard plastic crates. This kind of dog crate is easier to bring in events, since it is very portable. Good thing about this crate is that you can quickly set it up and also fold it. These two types of dog crates are both equally good.