Pet Depot

We pride ourselves on getting the most ethical pet retailers in the UK. Animal welfare is our best priority and we have a number of policies in location to ensure the wellbeing of our animals – ahead of, throughout and following their time with us. At Uncle Bill’s, we build relationships with our consumers and their pets so that visiting the pet retailer is not a 1-time occasion, but an ongoing relationship. With locations in Fishers, Greenwood, and Ft. Wayne, as well as on the East, Northeast, and West sides of Indianapolis, Uncle Bill’s Pet Center is an ethical, humane supply for a wide selection of pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, amphibians, and other little and exotic animals. All our retailers function Super Premium All Natural & Holistic brands of pet foods, as nicely as fresh, frozen and raw pet diets.

Despite the fact that we sell rabbits, we will constantly encourage potential new owners to genuinely do their investigation before taking on such a duty. You won’t find a lot more variety in puppies, kittens, rabbits, birds, fish, reptiles, spiders and all sorts of other pets at any other pet store in the Midwest. It can be difficult to appear right after them correctly, which is why our employees undergo extensive instruction prior to being in a position to sell these lovely creatures. By way of this campaign, we’re shining a light on the correct — and really appalling — practices of pet shops that sell animals.

We supply a assortment of retail and hospital possibilities with sizes ranging from 1,500 to ten,000 sq. ft. Our PET DEPOT Barkery is a boutique style operation focused on toys, chews, treats and accessories, with some limited premium pet meals brands. If you happen to be hunting for a cool new pet and the pet supplies to care for it, you have come to the right spot!

I had been searching for a certain toy at other shops for two months and was reserved to possessing to order it from the US on Amazon initial time in Tisol and it was sitting proper there on the shelf. Our 1st-of-its-kind investigation into how animals fare in pet shops is portion of our new campaign, Small Shops of Sorrows. If you do not have a pet but want to offer a single with a forever property, contact us to discover out when your nearby store will be hosting a pet adoption occasion.

We ensure that every of the reptiles that we sell only go to houses with owners who genuinely understand the responsibilty of owning such an exotic pet. We feel it is far better for us to use our reputation as one particular of the UK’s major pet retailers to ensure that pets are bred ethically and humanely. We will not sell any fish to be introduced to a new aquarium without very first doing a totally free water test for you, to make certain the ideal environment for them. Birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and other little animals are often waiting at our retailers to become your new pet.