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Top Ways on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs When it comes to stubbornness; bed bugs top the list of pests that are difficult to get rid of. They cause annoying bites that also expose you to a host of health issues. Some of the signs of bed bug bites include blisters, itching and rashes around affected parts. Here is a look at some tips on how you can get rid of bed bugs. The first step involves identifying the rooms that have been infested with bed bugs. As much as bed bug problems are first noticed in bedrooms; you will notice their presence in other rooms in very little time. As a consequence, the best way to contain a whole house infestation is by marking out rooms that show signs of the pests. De-cluttering is the first step of carrying out extensive investigations to determine the presence of bed bugs. Exercise care when transferring the items because you do not want to move bed bugs along with the other stuff. The best way to move items is to place them in plastic bags that are tightly tied at the top. Ensure that the items in the bag remain in the enclosed environment for at least 3 days.
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Never throw away your bed or bedding because that does not solve the problem in any way. Such a step is futile because you may be surprised after a few days to find the pests in your new bedding. Wash the bedding with soapy water at temperatures of 120 degrees instead. Also, set your dryer at its maximum heat settings because that will kill the pests and their eggs. Check that you will not damage the fabric of your bedding with such high temperatures.
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All the dressers and other furniture should be inspected for signs of infestations too. Take special care when doing so on furniture items that are kept adjacent to walls. Vacuuming all infested spots is advisable at this stage. Note, however, that this method will not remove the pest’s eggs. Besides, the bed bugs that could be hiding in cracks and crevices will just remain because vacuuming will not affect them. Another effective bed bug removal tactic for bedding, walls, and other surfaces is using sticky tape. To eliminate bed bugs from tricky areas like cracks and crevices; you need to use of insecticides. Experts recommend the use of natural insecticide because their effect on the environment is minimal. Try eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender because their scents are known to get rid of bed bugs. Seek the expertise of an exterminator if the above methods fail. In such a case, only hire the best pest control company in town.